Demolition Review

The City’s Demolition Review process has two steps.  First, the Architectural Review Board considers if the existing structure has any significance (i.e. architectural, historical, etc.) to the surrounding environment.  The second step reviews the compatibility of the proposed renovation or replacement structure.  Once a determination has been made on one or both of these items, these recommendations are forwarded to City Council for their consideration.  This process takes about 30 days to complete, not including plan review.  City Code Chapter 5, Building and Building Regulations, governs this process.

Projects that require Demolition Review

  • Removal or encapsulation of more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the framed structure of exterior walls facing public streets, or a street-facing elevation if the tract of land is landlocked; or,
  • Removal or encapsulation of more than fifty percent (50%) of the framed structure of all exterior walls and/or roofs.
  • two-story detached accessory structures intended to replace previously permitted demolitions of exempt accessory structures.

There are certain exceptions to this process for minor projects such as small sheds and some accessory structures.  For a complete listing of these exceptions, please see City Code 5-134.

Items required for Demolition Review

Please note…

While nothing can guarantee that your project will be approved, the following tips may help facilitate the Demolition Review process.

  • Contact the adjacent neighbors (within a min. 200 ft from your property) during conceptual design to receive feedback, interests, or concerns for the proposed project.
  • Prior to the required city notification of the submitted application, invite the adjacent neighbors to comment on the design.
  • Provide city contact information to all neighbors so that they may comment publicly about the project.
  • Provide clean, detailed and legible plan documents for review.
  • Provide an artistic rendering of the proposed structure.