Alamo Heights’ Facts

City Government

The City of Alamo Heights follows a “Council-Manager” form of government as provided by the City Charter. The City of Alamo Heights is a home-rule municipality, meaning that it operates under a municipal charter that has been adopted or amended as authorized by Article XI, Section 5, of the Texas Constitution. The original Alamo Heights City Charter was adopted in 1954 and then amended in May 2011. Pursuant to its provisions and subject only to the limitations imposed by the state constitution and by state law, all powers of the City are vested in the elective City Council, which enacts local legislation, adopts budgets, determines policies, and appoints the highest level city officials. The City Council executes the laws and oversees the government of the city.


The center of the City of Alamo Heights is located just 4.5 miles to the North of downtown San Antonio. Alamo Heights is surrounded by San Antonio, the seventh largest metropolitan area in the U.S, and is adjacent to the cities of Terrell Hills and Olmos Park. The city encompasses a total area of 2.1 square miles, and sits 807 feet above sea level.


Alamo Heights enjoys a relatively warm climate year-round, with mild winters and hot summers. The average winter temperatures are very mild and average in the 60’s. Spring and fall temperatures average between 57 and 80, with summer temperatures averaging in the low 90’s. Alamo Heights receives an annual rainfall amount of 32.9 inches.


There is one local newspaper (San Antonio Express-News) available to Alamo Heights.

Fast Facts

Mission Statement: Alamo Heights will be a vibrant village in which to live and work by protecting and enhancing its native beauty, promoting its special sense of community, and providing excellent city services.

Vision: To continuously cultivate an efficient and effective customer-driven model city that is innovative, proactive and responsive to the needs of the community.

Core Values

Safety: The health, safety and general welfare of our citizens, employees and visitors is our utmost concern and highest priority.

Integrity: We exhibit the highest levels of honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Service: We constantly endeavor to improve the delivery of consistent and reliable service going beyond customer satisfaction to create “Raving Fans” of our City.


Governance and Communication: Promote honest and open government through civic engagement and informative and responsive communication with our customers.

Infrastructure and Services: Properly maintain and strategically improve infrastructure and provide excellent city services.

Neighborhood Character and Commercial Revitalization: Enhance and protect the unique character of our neighborhoods while supporting the development of a vibrant and attractive commercial district.

Accountability and Management: Be responsible stewards of public resources and utilize best management practices for our administrative and financial systems.