Board of Adjustment

Overview & Duties

  • 5 regular members and 2 alternates; two year term or until reappointed or replaced by action of the Mayor and City Council
  • Generally meets 1st Wednesday of each month, City Council Chambers, 6116 Broadway at 5:30 p.m.
  • Makes required decisions and functions as a quasi-judicial body to review appeals made by building permit applicants who have been denied a building permit by the Director due to new non-conformities with the Zoning Code

Member Information

  • Bill Orr, Chair
  • Lott Mcllhenny
  • Jimmy Satel
  • Wayne Woodard
  • David Rose
  • Hall Hammond, Alternate
  • Sean Caporaletti, Alternate

To view plans being considered by the Board of Adjustment, click here.

Board of Adjustment
Date Agenda Minutes Follow-up PPT Packet
09/04/19 - Canceled Posted
08/07/19 Posted Action Taken
07/10/19 - Canceled Revised
06/05/19 - Canceled Posted
05/01/19 Posted Approved Action Taken
04/03/19 Posted Approved Action Taken
03/06/19 - Canceled Posted
02/06/19 Posted Approved Action Taken
01/02/18 - Canceled Posted Action Taken