Utility Application and Billing

Sewer averaging will begin November 1st through January 31st, annually. If you have any questions, please call 210-822-3331 or 210-882-1507.  

The City of Alamo Heights provides a range of utility services, which include water, sewer and solid waste removal.

Water comes from the city’s four wells and is distributed through a system of water lines throughout the city. Sewer lines connect with the San Antonio Water System lines.

Water and Sewer Services

The city supplies water and sewer services to all residential and commercial buildings located within the city limits. Services are billed monthly, with the sewer charge for residential customers determined by averaging the water usage during the winter months. A notice on the water bill will remind residents when to conserve water during the winter months to save money on their sewer bills. To sign-up for Water and Sewer Services complete application and either mail to 6116 Broadway 78209 or fax to (210) 822-8197. Once water and sewer services are connected you can sign-up for On-line Services.

Water Billing and Meter Reading

Alamo Heights contracts with the San Antonio Water System to read water meters by the 10th of each month. Alamo Heights staff then processes bills by the 10th of the month, and the utility bill is due approximately three weeks from the bill date.

In addition to charges based on the size of the meter and water usage, Alamo Heights collects two other water related fees:

Edwards Aquifer Authority Administration Fee

This fee has been established to offset a pass-through charge from the Edwards Aquifer Authority Administration (EAA) to all Alamo Heights water customers. The Edwards Aquifer Authority Administration Fee in 2006, for all customers, was $0.1356 per 100 cubic feet of consumption and may increase over time as the City increases its water rights inventory and/or the EAA increases their administration charge. The current rate is $0.3309 per 100 cubic feet of consumption.

Water Conservation Fee

This fee will fund conservation programs and other initiatives as part of the upcoming City’s Water Conservation Plan. The current rate for all customers is $0.1024 per 100 cubic feet of consumption and may increase in the future.

Please direct questions concerning your water bill to Melissa Gomez, Utility Billing Coordinator, at 822-3331.

Utility Payment Methods

The city accepts payment by cash, check and credit cards at City Hall and also offers the convenience of an automatic payment plan. Under the automatic payment plan, you will receive your bill each month and the amount will be automatically drafted on the due date from the account you designate. The automatic payment plan assures timely payment that avoids penalties and saves the time of writing and mailing a check.

You may also view your bill and pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) through the City’s On-Line Services.

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