Schedule of Fines

Municipal Court Schedule of Fines

You cannot resolve your ticket or conduct court business by telephone. You must appear in person or mail in the fine(s).

Defendants under age 17 MUST APPEAR in person, accompanied by a parent or guardian, to pay the fine or to obtain a ‘court date’ to see the Judge.

City Ordinance Violations

Disorderly conduct/Assault/Public Intoxication Alcohol/Tobacco violations by minors [Must obtain Court date to see Judge]

  • If the judge hears your case and you are found guilty, the fine may be set anywhere within the limits provided by law.
  • Timely correction of “expired” violations does NOT negate the need to appear, and does NOT constitute grounds for automatic dismissal.


The City of Alamo Heights Municipal Court Clerk is available Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 6116 Broadway Alamo Heights Texas 78209 and can be contacted at (210) 882-1501 or E-Mail.

Schedule of Fines:

  • Fine amounts effective September 1, 2019.
  • Amounts listed include required state fees.
  • Payment plans available if requested in person by your appearance date.
  • For fines not listed below, contact the Court at 210-882-1501.
Schedule of Fines
Failure to Appear $156.00
Speeding $166.00 for the first ten (10) mph over the posted speed limit plus $5.00 for each additional mph thereafter.
Speeding in School Zone $242.00 for the first ten (10) mph over the posted limit plus $5.00 for each additional mph thereafter
Red Light/Stop Sign/Other Traffic Violations $196.00
Seat Belt Violation $149.00
Seat Belt - Driver $149.00
Seat Belt - Child 8 to 14 years $199.00
Driver License Violations - Expired/No Driver License $212.00
Violate Driver License Restriction $212.00
Defective Equipment Violation $177.00
Driving While License Invalid $302.00
Safety Inspection Violation
Violations for expired drivers license, expired inspection sticker and/or expired plates may be dismissed ONLY with proof of renewal within 20 days of violation and a $20.00 dismissal fee per violation.
No Liability Insurance (Financial Responsibility) $327.00
2nd & Subsequent Violations for no Insurance
A second or subsequent conviction of "Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility" will result in the suspension of your driver's license.
Passing School Bus Violations $427.00
Barricade Violations $302.00
Parking $65.00
Handicap Parking Violation $500.00