City Codes/Ordinances

Alamo Heights city codes are available on line by visiting the Municode website.

Ordinances are incorporated to the City Code of Ordinances on a quarterly basis.

The City of Alamo Heights has adopted the 2021 I-Code Series and the 2020 N.E.C.

Below are ordinance that have been approved by City Council but not updated/incorporated within the City Code.

Ordinance 2197 – Amending Chapter V, Adding Article XI, Substandard Buildings

Ordinance 2196 – Amending Chapter V, Article IV, Permit Regulations

Ordinance 2190 – Amending Chapter II, Article III, Section 2-48 

Ordinance 2187 – Amending Zoning Map – 111,119, &131 Katherine Court Rezone from Business District (B-1) to Multi-Family District (MF-D)

Ordinance 2185 – Amending Zoning Map – 153 Burr Rd Rezone from Multi-Family District (MF-D) to Parking District (P)

Ordinance 2181 – Adoption of the 2021 International Code Series – ICC and 2020 National Electrical Code and amending Article V of Chapter V of the Building and Building Regulations Codes

Ordinance 2180 – RDS Amendments to Chapter III (Zoning) and Chapter V (Miscellaneous Requirements) of the Single-Family Dwelling Districts A&B

Ordinance 2161 – Amending Chapter 18, Traffic, Section 18-147, Schedule B, New Stop Intersection at Patterson Avenue and Westover Road

Ordinance 2160 – Amending Chapter 18. Traffic, Section 18-152, Schedule G, parking prohibited or limited on certain streets by adding Patterson Avenue near Encino Avenue