City Codes/Ordinances

Alamo Heights city codes are available on line by visiting the Municode website.

Ordinances are incorporated to the City Code of Ordinances on a quarterly basis.

The City of Alamo Heights has adopted the 2015 I-Code Series and the 2014 N.E.C.

Below are ordinance that have been approved by City Council but not updated/incorporated within the City Code.

Ordinance 2161 – Amending Chapter 18, Traffic, Section 18-147, Schedule B, New Stop Intersection at Patterson Avenue and Westover Road

Ordinance 2160 – Amending Chapter 18. Traffic, Section 18-152, Schedule G, parking prohibited or limited on certain streets by adding Patterson Avenue near Encino Avenue

Ordinance 2157 – Ratifying the delay of the water and sewer rate increases, approved by City Council on October 22, 2018 due to the current pandemic, effective July 1, 2020

Ordinance 2151 – Amending the composition and actions of the Architectural Review Board by amending the City’s Code of Ordinances; Chapter 2, Article III, Section 2-48 Architectural Review Board 

Ordinance  2150 – Amending Chapter 18, Traffic, Section 18-147, Schedule B, stop signs, (2) four way stop signs, by adding “Argo Avenue at the intersection with Imlay Street” 

Ordinance 2146 – Amending Ordinance 2075 by amending various sections of the City’s adopted Zoning Code to address Administrative processes, clarification, updates and State Legislative changes

Ordinance 2141 – Amending Chapter 18, traffic, section 18-147, Schedule B, Stop signs, (2) four ways stop signs, by adding “West Castano Avenue at the intersection with Nacogdoches Road”

Ordinance 2137 – Amending Chapter 18, traffic, section 18-151, Schedule F, one-way streets, at all times, by adding “East Fair Oaks Place, one-way going east between Broadway and Vanderhoven Drive

Ordinance 2132 – Amending Ordinance 2122 – Regulation the Use of Motor-Assisted Scooters – Amending Section 4(c)(1) Reducing Liability Insurance Requirements and Section 6 to include a new Subsection (G) Establishing Allowed Hours of Operations for Dockless Vehicles

Ordinance 2131 – Amending Section 5-12 – Schedule of Permit Fees in order to comply with House Bill 852

Ordinance 2130 – Amending Chapter 10 – Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses adding Section 10-10 “Enforcement of Code”

Ordinance 2120 – Repealing the Application of Exemption from Local Sales and Use Taxes on Receipts from the Sale of Telecommunications Services with the City of Alamo Heights as provided in Section 321.210 of the Texas Tax Code

Ordinance 2122 – Regulating the Use of Motor-Assisted Scooters Equipped with CPS, Electric Bicycles and Bicycles Equipped with GPS.