City Codes/Ordinances

Alamo Heights city codes are available on line by visiting the Municode website.

Ordinances are incorporated to the City Code of Ordinances on a quarterly basis.

The City of Alamo Heights has adopted the 2015 I-Code Series and the 2014 N.E.C.

Below are ordinance that have been approved by City Council but not updated/incorporated within the City Code.

Ordinance 2096 – Amending Section 19-112 Sewer Rates to reflect an increase in the charges by SAWS                                                                                                                                       

Ordinance 2090 – Repealing Articles I, II and III of Chapter 5 – Building and Building Regulations and adopting New Articles I, II and II of Chapter 5

Ordinance 2084 – Amending Chapter 16 by adopting Article IX Public ROW Management of Wireless Network Providers (Pursuant to Chapter 284 of Texas Local Government Code)