Deferred Disposition

Defendants may request Deferred Disposition to have the violation dismissed from the driving record. Deferred Disposition is a probation period where you must adhere to certain terms during a given period. If the terms of the deferral are met, the charge will not appear on the driving record. If you violate the terms of the Deferred Disposition, the charge will be a conviction on your driving record.

During the probation, you can not be convicted of the same or any violations for a period of 30 to 180 days. Requirements may include but not be limited to completing a safety course, alcohol, drug or tobacco course, and or community service.

Deferred Disposition for Insurance violations require that the defendant maintain insurance in your name for 6 months, show proof at the end of the probationary period, then the violation will not be reported on the driving record.

Defendants under 25 years of age will be required to complete a defensive driving course as part of the requirement for deferred disposition.

Defendants 16 years and under must appear in court with parent or guardian.