Police Blotter

Police Incident Reports
Offense Date Location
Unknown suspect(s) stole a bicycle after cutting a cable lock securing it to a stairway
08/18/19 100 blk Arcadia
Male subject stole two 20-pks of beer
08/17/19 500 blk Austin Hwy
Male subject took a bottle of wine from a store without rendering payment; the subject was located nearby and confessed to stealing and consuming the wine
08/16/19 4800 blk Broadway
Officers responding to a reported reckless driver located the vehicle traveling southbound on Broadway; officers observed the vehicle swerving across traffic lanes and speeding; the vehicle was stopped and investigation discovered the driver was under the influence of alcohol and impaired
08/16/19 5100 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle unlawfully entered by breaking the front windows; nothing discovered missing
08/15/19 6900 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
Officers investigating a drug overdose discovered two associates of the overdose victim had active arrest warrants issued by Bexar County for motor vehicle theft and assault
08/15/19 100 blk Harrison
Wanted Person
Driver of a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation did not have a driver's license; further investigation discovered the driver had an active arrest warrant issued by the Tx.Dept. of Criminal Justice for a parole violation
08/14/19 5100 blk Broadway
Male subject recorded on video surveillance stealing a bicycle; AHPD officers recognized the subject and a case will be filed at-large
08/13/19 200 blk Evans
Lawn ornament stolen from front yard during overnight hours
08/13/19 100 blk Barilla
Wanted Person
Driver of a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation did not have a driver's license; further investigation discovered the driver has three active arrest warrants issued by Bexar County
08/13/19 5100 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle unlawfully entered on or about August 7th; misc property stolen
08/12/19 400 blk Argo
Vehicle Burglary
Unlocked vehicle was unlawfully entered during overnight hours; misc property stolen
08/12/19 300 blk Circle
Vehicle Burglary
Resident reported someone unlawfully entered two of his unlocked vehicles during overnight hours; miscellaneous property stolen
08/11/19 400 blk Albany
Two female subjects entered a store and one subject asked to use a restroom; the other female subject kept the employees busy until the other subject returned then both left the store; after their departure two employees discovered their wallets were stolen
08/10/19 5600 blk Broadway
Unknown subject(s) unlawfully entered a residence by forcing open a side door; misc property stolen
08/07/19 100 blk W Castano
A resident reported their neighbor had hooked a garden hose to the resident's outside water spigot and was using the resident's water due to the neighbor's being shut off
08/04/19 100 blk Wildrose
Assault/Family Violence
A male victim stated he and his former common law spouse began arguing while driving down Broadway; the male victim drove onto Mary D Ave. and parked when his ex-common law spouse began assaulting him; the ex-common law spouse fled and was not located
08/03/19 100 blk Mary D
Forgery, Identity Theft, Wanted Person
Officers responded to a report of a forgery in progress at a bank; on arrival a male subject was taken into custody and a female subject who fled on foot was taken into custody a short distance away; investigation discovered the female subject had four active arrest warrants for forgery and identifty theft; a pre-impoundment inventory of their vehicle discovered multiple identification cards, social security cards and other forms of identification belonging to others not knowing their identity had been compromised
08/03/19 5200 blk Broadway
Theft/Shoplifting, Evading Arrest, Stolen/Fictitious License Plates
Officers responded to a report of a shoplifter that stole merchandise from a barber supply; an officer located a suspect vehicle being driven by a male subject matching the description of the shoplifter; the subject unsuccessfully attempted to evade the officer and was taken into custody; further investigation discovered the license plates on the vehicle were stolen and a rear paper plate was fictitious
08/02/19 6300 blk Broadway
Firearm was stolen from a guest bedroom; workers were present in the house prior to the time the firearm was discovered missing
08/02/19 200 blk W Castano
Wanted Person
Driver stopped for multiple traffic violations was found to have an active arrest warrant for DWI
07/31/19 5200 blk Broadway
DWI 3rd, Felony
Driver stopped for driving without lights during hours of darkness was found to be under the influence of alcohol and impaired; further investigation determined the driver already had three or more previous convictions for DWI
07/30/19 400 blk Austin Hwy
Theft, Vehicle
The owner of the vehicle met a male subject at a bar; when the owner left her seat momentarily the subject and her purse were gone; a witness observed the owner's vehicle departing the parking lot at a high rate of speed
07/18/19 5100 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle left in a business parking lot overnight was burglarized by throwing a rock through a rear side window
07/18/19 5400 blk Broadway
Aggravated Assault, Serious Bodily Injury
A male victim reported he was assaulted in a parking lot by a male subject who he had an argument earlier at a near-by bar; the victim received serious injuries to his face and head during the assault including the subject biting off a piece of the victim's ear
07/18/19 5100 blk Broadway
Video surveillance captured the images of three male subjects who unlawfully entered the school during night time hours; the same three subjects were contacted by an AHPD officer a short distance away from the school; the officer's body camera and mobile video recordings have confirmed the identity of the three subjects involved in the burglary
07/17/19 6900 blk Broadway
Terroristic Threats
Female subject reported her ex-husband is making verbal threats to cause her harm
07/17/19 100 blk E Elmview
Theft/Shoplifting, Emergency Detention
Officers responded to a report of a male shoplifter; upon contact the subject was uncooperative and became combative against officers attempts to conduct an investigative detention; subject transported to a hospital for a psychological evaluation
07/16/19 4800 blk Broadway
Porch surveillance captured the image of a male subject stealing a plant from a front porch
07/15/19 400 blk Argo
Theft/Shoplifting, Narcotics Violator
Officers apprehended a reported shoplifter at a bus stop near the location of the theft; officers recovered the stolen items and seized methamphetamines and related paraphernalia from the subject; subject has multiple prior convictions for shoplifting
07/15/19 4600 blk Broadway
A male subject committed theft by deception when he requested several checks from his wife's friend to pay for medical bills his wife incurred while in Germany; the victim learned of the deception when she contacted the wife who told her she had no medical issues
07/15/19 7000 blk Broadway
Male suspect attempted to pay for merchandise with a counterfeit $100 bill
07/14/19 4800 blk Broadway
Male subject approached a valet stand and stole money from the tip drawer
07/13/19 5800 blk Broadway
Officers responded to a bank for a reported forgery in progress; investigation determined a female subject attempted to pass a forged check but left the location as bank employees were attempting to authenticate the check
07/13/19 4600 blk Broadway
Assault, Bodily Injury
An assault victim stated he was stuck in the face without provocation with a closed fist by an unknown male subject
07/13/19 5000 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
A witness to an assault was found to have an active arrest warrant issued by Bell County for DWI
07/13/19 5000 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
Driver of a vehicle involved in an accident was found to have a suspended driver's license; further investigation discovered the driver had an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County and multiple traffic warrants issued by Alamo Heights Municipal Court
07/11/19 200 blk Jones Maltsberger
Resident reported someone used his bank routing number to forge five deposits into another account
Forgery 100 blk E Elmview
Male subject taken into custody after a witness observed him break out a glass window.
Criminal Mischief 6400 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
Officers contacted a male subject reported laying in the roadway; investigation discovered the subject had an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County
07/07/19 5200 blk Broadway
The driver of a vehicle being driven erratically was found to be under the influence of alcohol and impaired
07/07/19 300 blk Jones Maltsverger
Porch pirates stole two packages delivered to a front porch
07/05/19 100 blk W. Oakview
Criminal Mischief
A vehicle stopped at an intersection was damaged when a pedestrian kicked the front portion of the vehicle
07/06/19 100 blk Harrigan Ct
Two firearms stolen from the residence; homeowner suspects contractors
07/05/19 100 blk Elizabeth
Shoplifting, Failure to Identify, Resisting Arrest, Assault Police Officer
Officers responded to a report of three shoplifters who left a business without paying for merchandise; all three subjects were located and detained for further investigation; one female subject gave false identifying information and was found in possession of narcotics paraphernalia; the female subject resisted attempts to take her into custody and assaulted one officer by kicking him in the eye
07/04/19 4600 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
Driver of a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation was found to have a cancelled driver's license and an active arrest warrant issued for probation revocation
07/03/19 5300 blk Broadway
Wanted Person, Resisting Arrest
Subject previously arrested on 07/02/19 came to AHPD to pick up his property; the subject was told he still had outstanding warrants for his arrest totaling $1,373; when officers attempted to take him into custody the subject physically resisted officers earning him a second trip to jail
07/03/19 6100 blk Broadway