Police Blotter

Police Incident Reports
Offense Date Location
Criminal Mischief
A front tire on a vehicle was intentionally punctured on the sidewall; an ex-boyfriend is suspected
01/11/20 4700 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Two unlocked vehicles parked in a side driveway were unlawfully entered during overnight hours and miscellaneous property stolen
01/11/20 300 blk Harrison
Wanted Person
Driver stopped for a traffic violation was found to have a suspended driver's license and an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County
01/10/20 100 blk Austin Hwy
Scam Alert
Resident received a phone call from a subject identifying himself as a public defender; the subject notified the resident his friend had been involved in a DWI accident resulting in injury to another person; the subject then instructed the resident to send a large sum of money via FED-EX to an address in New York; the resident later learned he had been scammed when he contacted his friend at home
01/07/20 COAH
Burglary, Storage Shed
Male subject observed stealing lawn equipment from an unlocked storage shed
01/07/20 900 blk Patterson
Male subject took a carton of cigarettes without making payment
01/07/20 500 blk Austin Hwy
Wanted Person
Driver of a vehicle was found to have an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for criminal mischief and assault/bodily injury
01/03/20 7100 blk Broadway
Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trepass
A resident reported his surveillance camera recorded his neighbor spraying a herbicide on the plants and bushes around his porch; officers contacted the neighbor and issued him a criminal trespass warning at the request of the resident; officers later responded back to the resident's home when the neighbor returned and was persistently knocking on the door; the neighbor was taken into custody and transported to jail
01/01/20 300 blk Joliet
Wanted Person
Driver of a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation was found to have an active arrest warrant issued by Comal County
12/31/19 7000 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Two vehicles were forcibly entered and purses/wallets were stolen; credit cards were used at multiple locations before the vehicle burglaries were discovered
12/30/19 100 blk Alamo Heights Blvd
Theft (shoplifting)
Video surveillance inside the store recorded a male subject placing six bottles of wine in a shopping bag then departing the store without paying for the merchandise
12/29/19 4800 blk Broadway
Emergency Detention
Officers responded to a residence where a person had attempted suicide; the person was transported to a medical facility for evaluation and treatment for minor self-inflicted injuries
12/29/19 COAH
Wanted Person
Driver stopped for a traffic violation was found to have never been issued a driver's license; further investigation discovered the driver had an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for criminal trespass
12/28/19 5100 blk Broadway
Narcotics Violation
Driver stopped for a traffic violation was found to have a driver's license expired since 2012; during a pre-impoundment inventory of the vehicle officers discovered a palstic bag containing a substance testing positive for methamphetamines
12/27/19 100 blk Austin Hwy
Officers investigated a claim of on-going harassment by classmates of a person living in the residence; means of harassment include wreckless driving, fireworks explosions and cyberbullying; identities of two suspects have been provided to police
12/22/19 500 blk Ogden
Vehicle Burglary
A vehicle parked in a driveway was unlawfully entered during overnight hours
12/16/19 300 blk Harrison
Recovered Stolen Vehicle, Narcotics Violation
A patrol vehicle automatic license plate reader alerted an officer to a reported stolen vehicle; the vehicle was stopped and the driver and a passenger were detained; further investigation confirmed the vehicle was stolen out of San Antonio and the driver was in possession of methamphetamines and related paraphernalia
12/13/19 400 blk Abiso
Emergency Detention
A female subject was transported to a medical facility for evaluation due to the subject expressing a desire to harm herself
12/13/19 COAH
Assault, Family Violence
An argument between a male subject and female victim escalated to a physical assault when the victim was struck and knocked to the ground
12/13/19 100 blk Arcadia
Scam Alert
Resident reported receiving a telephone call from a person representing themselves as an official of the Harris County Sheriff's Dept; the caller discussed some alleged legal matters concerning the resident and requested credit card numbers in order to obtain payment for the alleged legal matters; resident refused to provide any information and disconnected
12/11/19 COAH
Wanted Person
Driver stopped for driving on the wrong side of a divided roadway was found to have an active arrest warrant for theft
12/11/19 200 blk La Jara
Vehicle Burglary
Unattended vehicle unlawfully entered by breaking a window to steal a handbag left in open view on the front seat
12/10/19 4700 blk Broadway
Miscellaneous lawn equipment stolen from a trailer
12/10/19 4700 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
A passenger in a vehicle stopped for traffic violations was found to have an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for a probation violation
12/08/19 200 blk Viesca
Trailer stolen during overnight hours
12/06/19 4700 blk Broadway
Packages delivered to the front porch were stolen
12/06/19 200 blk Argo
Vehicle Burglary
Unlocked vehicles were unlawfully enetered and property stolen from the interior of the vehicles
12/03/19 100 blk Kennedy and 100 blk Cloverleaf
Packages left on the porches of three separate residences were stolen
12/03/19 COAH
A firearm and computer equipment were reported missing from a residence; the owner suspects the property may have been stolen during recent open house showings
12/02/19 100 blk Katherine Ct
Wanted Person
Driver stopped for a traffic violation was found to have an active arrest warrant for a probation violation
12/01/19 100 blk Fenimore
Vehicle Burglary
Three vehicles were unlawfully entered during overnight hours and property stoeln from each; no signs of forced entry on any of the vehicles
11/30/19 500 blk Ogden
Scam Alert
Caller identified himself as a representative of Publisher's Clearing House and notified the resident they were a winner; the caller informed the resident the payment of fees was necessary before collecting the prize and instructed the resident to deposit money or give a credit card number; this scam has been around for awhile; the resident did not comply and did not incur any loss
11/27/19 COAH
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle forcibly entered to steal a purse left on the front seat; credit cards in the purse were used before the incident was reported
11/27/19 100 blk Alamo Heights Blvd.
Video surveillance captured the image of a male subject stealing packages off the front porch
11/26/19 200 blk E. Oakview
Assault, Motor Vehicle
Officers were dispatched to a rolling disturbance with one vehicle repeatedly striking the rear of a second vehicle; investigation revealed this was a family violence incident between a husband, wife and third party; the wife was arrested and transported to jail for using the vehicle as a weapon
11/26/19 100 blk Abiso
A wallet was reported stolen from a purse in the back office of a business
11/25/19 5200 blk Broadway
DWI (enhanced)
An officer on patrol was nearly struck head-on by a vehicle that had crossed into the officer's lane of travel; investigation revealed the driver of the other vehicle was under the influence of alcohol and impaired; enhanced DWI charges were filed due to the driver having over 0.15 BAC
11/17/19 5700 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Purse left in open view was stolen from an unlocked vehicle
11/17/19 100 blk Routt
Public Intoxication, Assault
A male subject was detained for reportedly assaulting an employee of a bar; investigation revealed the subject was under the influence of alcohol and impaired; the subject was released to a responsible person when the victim decided not to prosecute for the assault
11/14/19 5000 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
A vehicle was unlawfully entered during overnight hours by damaging a door lock
11/14/19 300 blk W Castano
Criminal Mischief
The exterior vehicle paint was intentionally damaged by someone using a sharp instrument
11/13/19 6900 blk Broadway
Alcohol Violations
Officers responding to a report of a loud party discovered multiple underaged suspects consuming alcohol; multiple citations were issued for alcohol violations; charges will be filed with the District Attorney's office against the party hosts for making alcohol available to minors
11/10/19 100 blk Arcadia
Criminal Mischief
A window of a parked vehicle was broken out while unattended; there were no signs of entry into the vehicle
11/0/19 5100 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Locked vehicle parked in a public parking area was forcibly entered by breaking a window to steal a briefcase left in open view
11/07/19 50 Alamo Heights Blvd
Tamper w/Govt Record
Driver stopped for a traffic violation gave the investigating officer a counterfeit driver's license; during further investigation the driver admitted to producing the driver's license himself
11/04/19 500 blk Tuxedo
Assault, Family Violence
A husband alleged he was physically assaulted several times by his wife during on-going arguments during the day
11/01/19 100 blk Terrell Rd