Police Blotter

Police Incident Reports
Offense Date Location
Emergency Detention
Officers investigating a suspicious male subject discovered the subject was delusional and in crisis; subject transported to a hospital for evaluation
10/05/18 5200 blk Broadway
Criminal Mischief
Apartment was painted with graffiti; ex-boyfriend suspected
10/02/18 100 blk Arcadia
Recovered Stolen Vehicle, Retaliation
Vehicle stopped for a traffic violation was discovered to be a recent stolen from San Antonio; driver arrested who made threatening statements against the arresting officer's family
10/01/18 6100 blk Broadway
An argument over a boyfriend resulted in one female being assaulted by three other females
09/28/18 7000 blk Broadway
Credit Card Abuse
Unauthorized credit card purchase of merchandise made by a person having an address in Killeen, Tx
09/28/18 500 blk Corona
Narcotics Violation
Vehicle stopped for a traffic violation emitted a strong odor of burnt marijuana from within; further investigation discovered a quantity of marijuana and associated paraphernalia
09/27/18 100 blk Harrigan Ct
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle unlawfully entered during daylight hours and property stolen
09/27/18 4900 blk Broadway
Counterfeit Money
A counterfeit $50 bill was used to make a purchase
09/24/18 500 blk Austin Hwy
Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information
An alert teller recognized a suspicious transaction being attempted in a drive-thru lane; the account holder confirmed they were not the person attempting the transaction; a counterfeit temporary driver's license was used in the attempt; suspects departed before police were notified
09/24/18 100 blk Austin Hwy
Wanted Person
A reported suspicious person was taken into custody when it was learned the subject had an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for aggravated assault
09/22/18 4800 blk Broadway
Engage in Organized Criminal Activity
Bank employees alerted officers to a female subject attempting to make fraudulent transactions; Officers detained the female subject and a male accomplice both of whom were previously arrested by AHPD for fraudulent transactions at another bank; officers recovered numerous stolen/altered checks and an illegal rifle
09/21/18 5400 blk Broadway
Narcotics Violation
Driver of a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation did not have a valid driver's license; pre-impoundment inventory of the vehicle discovered marijuana and associated paraphernalia
09/18/18 4800 blk Broadway
Ex-boyfriend sending threatening text messages
09/14/18 200 blk Abiso
Vehicle Burglary
Unlocked vehicle unlawfully entered and a skateboard stolen
09/13/18 300 blk Montclair
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle unlawfully entered setting off the vehicle alarm; battery jump pack stolen from the from seat
09/13/18 200 blk Grandview
Failure to Identify; Fugitive
Officer investigating a suspicious vehicle contacted a female subject coming from a wooded area; the subject provided the officer with false identifying information knowing she had active arrest warrants
09/11/18 300 blk Jones Maltsberger
Resident reported receiving numerous harassing text messages from a person she does not know; suspects a former co-worker
09/11/18 100 blk Acradia
Criminal Mischief
Storage shed damaged sometime over a three week period
09/10/18 4700 blk Broadway
Spare tire stolen during overnight hours from a Jeep while parked in a driveway
09/10/18 300 blk Abiso
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle unlawfully entered by unknown means during overnight hours
09/05/18 100 blk Terrell Rd
Forgery, Narcotics Violaions
Officers responding to a forgery in progress detained a male and female subject identified as being involved; investigation discovered the pair were in possession of two counterfeit $10 bills, two forged checks, methamphetamines, xanex and other dangerous drugs
09/04/18 5200 blk Broadway
Unattended wallet stolen at the track while owner was involved in physical training activities
09/03/18 6900 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
Driver stopped for a traffic violation was discovered to have an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County and two traffic warrants issued by Alamo Heights Municipal Court
09/02/18 5900 blk Broadway
Assault/Family Violence, Emergency Detention
A disturbance between a couple became physical resulting in minor injuries; the male subject was taken into custody for assult and the female subject was taken to a hospital for evaluation of alcohol abuse
09/02/18 100 blk Terrell Rd
Officers were called to investigate an accident where a vehicle struck a parked car in the street; investigation determined the driver of the striking vehicle was under the influence of alcohol and impaired
09/01/18 100 blk Elmview
Violation of Protective Order
Resident reported he is receiving harassing and threatening phone calls from his ex-wife and an unknown male subject in violation of a protective order prohibiting the ex-wife from any telephone communications
08/31/18 200 blk Greely
Recovered Stolen Vehicle
Officer stopped a vehicle reported as stolen (car-jacked) in San Antonio earlier in the day; male subject taken into custody claimed membership in a violent organized gang
08/30/18 100 blk Bluebonnet
Ex-boyfriend regularly making unwelcome contact to include banging on doors and windows
08/30/18 200 blk Grove
Wanted Person
Male subject reported seated in a restaurant without any intention of placing an order; investigation discovered the subject had an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for Criminal Trespass
08/29/18 5100 blk Broadway
Attempted Fraud
Resident received a message on their laptop informing them their laptop had been hacked; when the resident contacted the reporting company their suspicions were heightened when the company representative requested money be transferred via an unknown app
08/28/18 200 blk Cardinal
Male subject attempted to cash a counterfeit check at a bank; when the bank employee questioned the authenticity of the check the subject fled leaving the check and his driver's license behind
08/28/18 5400 blk Broadway
Attempted Theft
Subject attempting to steal copper wire was scared off by workers arriving to the construction site
08/27/18 6900 blk Broadway