Police Blotter

Police Incident Reports
Offense Date Location
Officers investigated a vehicle stopped at an intersection with the engine running and driver asleep; investigation determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol and impaired
04/14/18 100 blk Harrison
Wanted Person
Reported suspicious vehicle was stopped during early morning hours; driver of vehicle was found to have an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for narcotics violations
04/13/18 500 blk College
Sexual Assault
Student reported being touched inappropriately by a teacher
04/12/18 St. Luke's Blvd
Wanted Person
During early morning hours an officer observed a suspicious vehicle parked behind a closed business; investigation revealed there were two subjects inside the vehicle, one of who was wanted by Bexar Co. for continuing violence against family members
04/12/18 4900 blk Broadway
Terroristic Threat
An umpire was threatened with bodily harm by a spectator after a player and coach were ejected from a little league game
04/11/18 50 Alamo Heights Blvd
Vehicle Burglary
Leaf blower stolen from the backseat of an unlocked vehicle
04/10/18 600 blk Lamont
Vehicle Burglary
Unlocked vehicle unlawfully entered during overnight hours and an i-Pad was stolen from a backpack left on the seat
04/08/18 100 blk Harrigan Ct
Vehicle Burglary
Unlocked vehicle unlawfully entered during overnight hours and ransacked; no property stolen
04/08/18 100 blk Grove
Narcotics Violation
A passenger in a vehicle stopped was found in possession of marijuana and narcotics paraphernalia; charges will be filed at large with the District Attorney's Office
04/08/18 100 blk Austin Hwy
DWI, Accident
Officers investigating a single vehicle accident determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol; a DWI charge will be filed at large due to the driver being transported to a hospital
04/07/18 6100 blk Broadway
A male subject paid to do landscape work refused to complete the job and will not respond to requests the job be finished or the payment refunded
04/06/18 200 blk Chichester
Wanted Person
Officers dispatched to a disturbance between a male and female subject in a parking lot discovered the male subject had an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for narcotics violations
04/04/18 5000 blk Broadway
Wanted Person, Resisting Arrest
The driver of a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation was found to have a suspended driver's license; a relative of the diver who came to the location to take custody of the vehicle was found to have an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for Assault/Bodily Injury; the relative violently resisted arrest was but taken into custody without injury to the arrested person or officers
04/03/18 5400 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle unlawfully entered during overnight hours and fishing gear stolen; an attempt was made on a second vehicle on the property causing damage to the door locking mechanism
04/03/18 100 blk Arcadia
Vehicle Burglary, Criminal Mischief
A male homeless subject was arrested for unlawfully entering a trailer to steal property; subject also charged with criminal mischief for breaking a window and destroying a surveillance camera at a neighboring business prior to the trailer burglary
04/02/2018 5600 blk Broadway
Aggravated Assault
Male resident received bodily injury when struck by a large rock during an altercation with a homeless person he befriended and allowed to stay in his home
04/02/2018 100 blk Routt
Theft of Service
Customer couple left a credit card on a table for payment and left the restaurant; credit card was declined by the issuer
04/01/18 4900 blk Broadway
Ladder stolen from a detached storage building
04/01/18 5700 blk N New Braunfels
DUI Minor, Open Container
Seventeen year old driver stopped for speeding had the odor of alcohol on his breath and inside the vehicle; further investigation discovered an open bottle of wine in the vehicle; driver issued citations and released to a responsible adult
03/27/18 300 blk Normandy
Male subject stole a lawnmower and hacksaw from an open carport
03/27/18 300 blk Rosemary
Deadly Conduct, Discharge Weapon
Gunfire reported coming from a passing vehicle; shell casings were located but there was no damage or injury reported
03/27/18 5400 blk N New Braunfels
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle unlawfully entered by breaking out a window to steal a tote bag left on the seat
03/26/18 6400 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
Male subject arrested at his home for an active arrest warrant issued by Comal County for criminal trespass
03/23/18 200 blk Argo
Price Tag Tampering
Two subjects taken into custody for switching price tags on food items
03/23/18 4800 blk Broadway
Assault, Family Violence
Female subject arrested after attacking her common law husband while he was asleep
03/21/18 600 blk Imlay
Wanted Person, Poss of Prohibited - Weapon by Felon
Driver stopped for a traffic violation was found to have an active arrest warrant issued for probation violations; passenger in the vehicle was found in to be a convicted felon and active criminal gang member; passenger was in possession of a backpack containing a rifle illegally altered to have a cut down stock and barrel altered to a 10 inch length
03/20/18 5200 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
Driver stopped for a traffic violation was found to have an active arrest warrant issued by Bexar County for narcotics violations
03/20/18 200 blk Greely
Burglary, Apartment
Firefighters working an active fire at a detached apartment discovered it had been forcibly entered; the fire is still under investigation to determine if it was related to the burglary
03/19/18 5700 blk N New Braunfels
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle unlawfully entered and a purse left in open view was stolen
03/18/18 100 blk Alamo Heights Blvd
Public Intoxication
Officers arrived to the scene of a physical altercation in progress and observed a male subject had another male subject pinned down in the street; investigation determined that several subjects observed an obviously intoxicated person attempting to get into a vehicle and when they asked if he should be driving he became physically aggressive; the subject was determined to be intoxicated and was transported to a hospital
03/18/18 100 blk Barilla
500 blk Broadway
Intoxicated male subject transported to a hospital for suspected alcohol poisoning; during the investigation officers observed a male subject push another male subject against a vehicle; officers detained the subject for assault and determined he too was intoxicated and angry that the victim was making fun of his friend being treated by EMS
03/18/18 5000 blk Broadway
IRS scam; caller instructed victim to get a $2000 gift card and call back with the gift card number
03/15/18 100 blk E. Castano
Vehicle Burglary
Vehicle belonging to an employee was entered without the owners permission; it appears the vehicle was entered by an ex-girlfriend or her associates since the only property taken belonged to her
03/13/18 4700 blk Broadway
Theft, Shoplifting
Two females taken into custody for leaving a grocery store with over $250 of groceries without rendering payment
03/10/18 4800 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Unlocked vehicle unlawfully entered during overnight hours
03/09/18 500 blk Cleveland Ct
Attempted Burglary
Two unknown subjects attempted to enter a business by breaking out a portion of the rear exterior cinder block wall
03/08/18 7200 blk Broadway
Deadly Conduct
Three windows on unoccupied residence damaged by unknown firearm
03/05/18 100 blk Cloverleaf
Hit & Run Accident, Narcotics Violations
Vehicle involved in a hit & run accident was located on the UIW campus with the driver inside; investigation revealed the driver was incoherent and impaired; further investigation discovered multiple packages of methamphetamine, marijuana oil, numerous tablets of a controlled prescription medication and paraphernalia commonly used to weigh and package narcotics
03/04/18 4900 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Miscellaneous property left on a back seat was stolen from a vehicle during overnight hours
03/03/18 100 blk Barilla
Attempted Robbery Individual
Victim requested a ride to a bank from two subjects known to him; when he gave one of the subjects cash for the ride the subject attempted to take the remainder of the cash from the victim by force; both subjects taken into custody by AHPD at their home outside Alamo Heights
03/02/18 5500 blk Broadway
Decorative bench taken from front porch; ex-husband suspected
03/01/18 200 blk Greely
Wanted Person
Female subject reported as suspicious was found to have three active arrest warrants issued by Bexar County for theft (x2) and criminal trespass
03/01/18 5200 blk Broadway
Wanted Person
AHPD Detectives executed an arrest warrant on the subject responsible for the assault in the 5000 blk. Broadway on 02/25/18
03/01/18 6100 blk Broadway
Vehicle Burglary
Insurance card stolen from unlocked vehicle during overnight hours
03/01/18 100 blk Elizabeth