Driving Safety Course

You may be able to require that the charge be dismissed from your driving record by successfully completing a Driving Safety Course or a Motorcycle Operator Training Course, by waiving your rights to a trial and enter a plea of guilty or no contest and request to complete a Defensive Driving Safety Course.

You must appear in person or make a request by Certified Mail on or before your appearance date. If you fail to request a driving safety course on or before your appearance date, you lose your right to take said course.

You are eligible for a defensive driving course if you:

  • Have a valid Texas Drivers license;
  • Have not taken the course within the last 12 months preceding the current offense and are not currently in the process of taking a course; and
  • Present proof of insurance

The right to complete a course does not apply to a defendant charged with:

  • Speeding 25 mph over the posted speed limit
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Offense committed by a person who holds a commercial driver’s license
  • Violation within a posted construction zone while workers are present

You will have 90 days to Submit Uniformed Certificate of Completion (Court Copy obtained upon completion of the course) and a Driving Record (obtainable from DPS in Austin for $10.00), in accordance with Court instructions.

Court Fees
Speeding and Other Moving Violations $144.00 ($10.00 nonrefundable fee included)
Speeding in a School Zone $169.00 ($10.00 nonrefundable fee included)