Update on Tree Preservation Program


Reminder that this program will begin mid-January. Tree pruning is needed to maintain the 13’6” height access required for the emergency apparatus. Maintenance and pruning to be done
in dormant stage to allow for fuller canopy in the spring.

Davey Tree Services has been contracted to complete this project and is scheduled to cut approximately 15% of the city streets. They will be coordinating with residents and a certified
arborist is to be at the location during trimming.

Streets with trees to be trimmed include:

Patterson Normandy Marcia Harrigan
Torcido Corona Grove Terrell
Argyle Cardinal Arcadia Elizabeth
Grant College Grandview Redwood
Westover Evans Chichester Encino
Greely La Jara Primrose Katherine
Harrison Tuxedo Rosemary Encino
Argo Stonecrest Cloverleaf Bluebonnet
Abiso Retama Wildrose