Tree Preservation Program


The Tree Preservation Program will begin on Monday, January 25th.  Tree pruning is needed to maintain the 13″6′ height access required for the emergency apparatus.  Maintenance and pruning is to be done in dormant stage to allow for fuller canopy in the Spring.

Davey Tree Services has been contracted and the project is scheduled to be completed within 10 days.  The City Code Compliance Officer has coordinated with residents so a certified arborist is to be at the location during trimming.

Streets with trees to be trimmed include:

Stonecrest & Canyon Willim & Broadway Patterson
Evans & Lovetta Joliet & Broadway Westover
Evans Poco & Broadway Torcido
Lamont & Circuela Kennedy Rosemary
Crescent & Harrison Crescent & Claiborne Way Chichester & N. New Braunfels
Retama Kennedy & Bronson Hubbard & Broadway