Community update on Alamo Heights from Mayor Rosenthal



A few updates:

Alamo Heights Little League Fields—The AHLL Board has closed the fields to negate any possible liability due to the number of people at the fields recently.

Bark Park and Judson Nature Trails—Following San Antonio’s lead, the Bark Park and the Judson Nature Trails will be closed through the Easter weekend. We will evaluate whether to re-open at that time as we’ve been advised of a significant lack of social distancing at the park and the current uncertainty as to whether COVID -19 can be transmitted from pets to humans.

Parents—We know this is a trying time for your children, especially high school students and college students who are used to congregating. Please do you best to have them minimize direct interaction with others during our region’s critical period, which is supposed to be the next two weeks. We want to do our part to keep our community safe, especially those with elevated risks.

Community Projects—We are exploring ways that the Alamo Heights community can be a leader in supporting others in the San Antonio area during this time. More details to follow.

Businesses and Restaurants—Be sure to shop local with delivery or curbside pick-up to help our small businesses survive this time.

Have a safe and happy Easter.

Stay Healthy.

Mayor Bobby Rosenthal