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Certain information is made confidential by law. When confidential information is requested, an opinion from the Texas Attorney General will be sought and the requester will be notified. Allow up to 10 business days for your request to be completed.

Cost Schedule
Standard paper copy $.10 cents per page
Oversized paper copy -11 x 17 - not including maps & photographs using specialty paper $.50 cents
Specialty paper Actual cost
Diskette $1.00
Data and tape cartridge (USB/Flash drive) Actual cost
Digital Video Disc (DVD) $3.00
Audio Cassette $1.00
Remote document retrieval charge Actual cost
Labor Charge for Requests over 50 pages:
Programming $28.50 per hour
Locating, compiling, redacting, and reproducing $15.00 per hour
*Please note does not include other applicable charges