Water Update


The City of Alamo Heights is aware that the San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) has issued a boil notice.  As of current time, Alamo Heights residents do not have to boil water unless we loose additional electrical circuits.  We will keep you informed as additional information arises.

Due to historic water consumption, we are asking residents to make every effort to conserve water, as much as possible.

The City of Alamo Heights has been informed of the rumors that have been made through different social media sites because of the lack of water supply or the disconnection of water. The City of Alamo Heights confirms that the water system is working and there has not been any disconnection of water accounts. If you do no have water it is because you have a frozen pipe in your household. This is an official message and remember, the City of Alamo Heights is your official source. Below are tips in how to thaw a frozen water pipe. Insulating your exposed pipes are highly encouraged.

Source (Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management)