Updated Executive Orders re: Mandatory Face Coverings, Gatherings, and Businesses



In the last two days both the Governor and the County Judge have imposed restrictions, which are binding on all residents of, and businesses in, the City of Alamo Heights.

  1.  Face coverings. Face coverings are required by both the Governor’s order and the County Judge’s order, which the links are also below. There are exceptions to this requirement in both orders. Please review the links to the orders to see what exceptions apply in Bexar County. The Bexar County order contains fewer exceptions to the face-covering requirement than the Governor’s order. The Governor’s order is a bit more flexible so, if traveling outside Bexar County, residents should see if the particular county has imposed it’s own list of exceptions, as has occurred in Bexar County.

  2.  Gatherings. While the Governor does not address groups, the County Judge provides that social events, including family functions, shall not exceed 10 people. Larger gatherings, where a crowd of over 100 is expected, are prohibited, with certain exceptions set forth in the Judge’s order. This is somewhat ambiguous, but I believe the intent is to avoid large social functions while permitting gatherings such as religious services, youth sports and amusement parks.

  3.  Businesses. Note that some businesses may require temperature screening prior to entry.

Happy 4th of July to each of you and your families.

Stay well. Shop local.

Mayor Bobby Rosenthal

Bexar County Executive Order (7-01-2020)

Governor’s Executive Order (7-02-2020)