Update on Alamo Heights – Message from Mayor Rosenthal



I wanted to provide an update on several matters:

Bexar County COVID-19 numbers—As many of you may know, for a variety of reasons, our 78209 zip code has the highest number of reported cases in the County. Please  know that 78209 encompasses not only Alamo Heights but also Terrell Hills and parts of San Antonio. In fact, the City of Alamo Heights comprises around 25% of the area in 78209. That being said, we continue to watch the situation and will provide updates as necessary.

Brush Pick-Up—We are aware that brush is piling up in certain areas. We are working some brush pick-up into our Monday/Tuesday trash collection but we still hope to keep our sanitation crews working only three days per week. Please ask third party landscapers to take bags with them, as provided in our City Ordinances.

Businesses and Restaurants—Many of our businesses are still open and operating if deemed essential. Many non-essential businesses are still offering curbside pick-up or delivery for regular items and where applicable, for Easter items. Please do not assume that they are closed but check with them in advance. Many of our local restaurants remain open for curbside pick-up and delivery as well.

Bark Park—The dog park remains open with new social distancing signage. The water to the trough has been turned off. It is possible that the park may be closed in the future but for now the City is monitoring crowds.

Thanks To Them—Thanks to all of our citizens and their family members who are doctors, nurses, physician assistants or are otherwise  working the front lines.

Thanks To Us—As a small token of the City’s appreciation, every 3-4 days, we are providing dinner for our AHFD, AHPD and Dispatchers on duty from one of our local restaurants, at the City’s expense.

Thanks From Us—I am extremely appreciative of the work our City staff is providing for all of us during these times. With most of us having a little extra time on our hands, if any of you feel so inclined, I encourage you to send a short note to any of them letting  indicating how much you appreciate them, and their departments, being there for us.

Buddy Kuhn—City Manager  bkuhn@alamoheightstx.gov

Rick Pruitt—Police Chief  rpruitt@alamoheightstx.gov

Michael Gdovin–Fire Chief  mgdovin@alamoheightstx.gov

Pat Sullivan—Public Works Director  psullivan@alamoheightstx.gov

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Mayor Bobby Rosenthal