Mandatory Face Coverings, 4th of July Parade cancellation, AHFD Award, and Bike Trails



I hope you all are well. The latest updates are as follows:

COUNTY ORDER—The County Judge has issued an order, effective today, requiring face coverings for all employees working in, and all patrons visiting, any Bexar County commercial business premises. The Governor has indicated that this Order is effective. Separately, individuals 10 years or older must wear a face covering  when in a public place where it is difficult to maintain a 6 foot distance. The exceptions to this requirement are as follows:

  1. When exercising outside or engaging in physical activity outside.
  2. When driving alone or with a family member.
  3. When wearing a face covering poses a greater mental or physical health, safety or security risk.
  4. When pumping gas or operating outdoor equipment.
  5. When in a building under surveillance(i.e. banks).
  6. When consuming food or drink.

JULY 4th PARADE—To ensure social distancing, the 51st annual Hall and Pat Hammond July 4th Parade has been cancelled. Similar actions have been taken by most municipalities in the Bexar County area.

FIRE DEPARTMENT AWARD—The Alamo Heights Fire Department received a Gold Level designation for the State’s Emergency Medical Services for Children program. This award is issued to departments that go above and beyond in the care of pediatric patients and use the most up to date equipment. Only 13 agencies in the State have received this designation. Congratulations to the AHFD.

ALAMO HEIGHTS AREA PROTEST—As many of you are aware, recently a march was held from Lincoln Heights to the Alamo Heights City Hall. I would like to thank Chief Rick Pruitt and his team for monitoring the traffic and protesters, thus ensuring a peaceful march.

CITY HALL TECHNOLOGY—Very soon, the City Council Chambers will be equipped with cameras and related technology allowing for all meetings (city council, boards and commissions) to be streamed.

FUTURE BIKE TRAILS—During the last few months, we have seen a significant increase in the number of bikers of all ages taking to the streets and the nature trails. Councilman Lawson Jessee is working with a group of citizens to create dedicated off-road bike trails. The location is not final but currently we are looking at an area adjacent to the Bark Park.

Stay well. Stay safe. Shop and Eat Local.

Mayor Bobby Rosenthal