Alamo Heights’ Provisions effective May 1st



This week, both the Governor of Texas and the County Judge have issued Executive Orders. The Orders have some differing provisions so I wanted to clarify, to the best I can, the position of the City of Alamo Heights. We are governed by the Orders of both the State of Texas and Bexar County. In the event of a conflict, the Governor’s orders will apply.

1. The majority of the information from my Tuesday morning email blast remains in effect.

2. All “Essential Businesses” that have been open throughout the last month remain open and all “Reopened Businesses”, as noted on Tuesday, will open today with the parameters previously stated.

3. The State’s “Stay Home Work Safe Measures” remains in effect. Effectively, both the State and the County have requested that other than Essential Businesses and Reopened Businesses, citizens remain at home minimize in-person contact with people who are not in the same household and not congregate publicly except as previous authorized.

4. While the Governor suggests face coverings in public, the County has mandated face coverings. However, there will be no Civil of Criminal Penalty for failure to wear a face covering. The rationale for the County’s position requiring face coverings(but with no enforcement) is to allow businesses that do elect to open, to cause patrons to wear face coverings thus protecting the employees of the business. Certain exemptions to the face covering requirement include (i) exercising or engaging in physical activity, (ii) driving alone or with family members, (iii) when wearing a face covering poses a greater mental or physical risk, (iv) while pumping gas or utilizing outdoor equipment, (v) when in a building or activity that requires security(i.e. banks) and (vi) when consuming food or drink. If the State overrules the County’s position on face coverings, then we must follow the State’s Order.

5. Yesterday, the City of Alamo Heights adopted a resolution with respect to the items above effective through May 15th.

6. The Bark Park will re-open today but will be monitored.

7. Social Distancing still remains the key and is one reason why the State of Texas has done so well over the last month and a half.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Starting today…..please shop local.

Mayor Bobby Rosenthal