Recycling Program Update

  June 10, 2019

The City of Alamo Heights evaluated our recycling program due to the increased cost of accepting non‐recyclable items such as GLASS. Waste Management recently informed us that glass is no
longer a recyclable item and when delivered to their site it is removed and taken to the landfill at a much higher cost to the City.

The City’s recycling program will no longer be accepting GLASS as a recyclable material. Please begin placing glass items in your garbage pickup.

Also as a reminder, do not place other non‐recyclable items, such as plastic bags in the recycle containers. We have seen an increase of such items, which contaminates the load and causes it to be sent to the

Remember to RINSE off all food residue, thoroughly. IF IT IS DIRTY – IT IS GARBAGE.
Need Information? Solid Waste Services, Billing Issues or Pickup Schedule Contact: AH Public Works – (210) 882-1518‐works/solid‐waste/