Planning and Zoning Commission

Overview & Duties

  • 12 regular members; two year term or until reappointed or replaced by action of the Mayor and City Council
  • Generally meets 1st Monday of every month, City Council Chambers, 6116 Broadway at 5:30 p.m.
  • Makes recommendations to City Council regarding policies related to planning and development such as zoning and area plans
  • Functions as a quasi-judicial body to review zoning and plat application cases

Member Information

  • Lori Becknell, Chair
  • Kenneth Zuschlag, Vice Chair
  • Thomas Ball III
  • La Una Cuffy
  • Stephen McAllister
  • Al Honigblum
  • John Grable
  • Tiffany Robinson Long
  • Richard Garison
  • Jeff Scheick
  • James Steindl
  • William Dawley

To view plans being considered by the Planning & Zoning Commission, click here.

Planning and Zoning
Date Agenda Minutes Follow-up PPT Packet
05/06/19 - Canceled Posted
04/01/19 Posted Action Taken
03/04/19 - Canceled Posted
02/04/19 - Canceled Posted
01/07/18 - Canceled Posted