City On-Going Tree Preservation Program

Davey Tree has been contracted by the City of Alamo Heights to begin tree trimming to comply with the City roadway clearance ordinance.  They are scheduled to begin the week of Monday, January 16th, arriving around 8 – 8:30 a.m. The full project is estimated to be completed on January 30th.

This is a separate project, not to be associated with CPS Energy trimming trees adjacent to their service lines.

The scope of this proposal includes:  Elevation for fire code per specifications and exceptions.  Trees will be elevated to 14 feet over street center and to curb face as allowable without removing limbs on private property beyond the curb face.

The Davey Tree Expert Company has performed this work previously in other areas and they are well equipped to manage this project.  All work will be performed according to ANSI Standards.  All Oak wounds will be painted and clean-up will be thorough.

Click here to view Tree Trim List.

Questions or concerns regarding the tree canopy compliance can be directed to:

Diana De Leon | Client Experience Coordinator

The Davey Tree Expert Company | San Antonio Office 136731

24175 Boerne Stage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78255

P: 210.698.0515 | F: 210.698.7022