AH Street Maintenance Program

AH Street Maintenance Program will begin on Monday, July 31st.  The City has contracted with Clark Construction to complete this project. 

Project work schedule for July 31st to August 11th

  • July 31 ImlayMill and Pave; ArbutusMill and Pave; Columbine Full Depth Repair and Pave
  • Aug 1: OgdenMill; Imlay, Arbutus, ColumbinePave
  • Aug 2: OgdenPave; Abiso – Mill
  • Aug 3: AbisoPave
  • Aug 4: Pave above intersections
  • Aug 7: Elmview Mill; ChichesterMill
  • Aug 8: ElmviewPave; ChichesterPave
  • Aug 9: TuxedoSpot Repairs

*Streets will be closed to thru traffic, but open to residents. As work is being completed, do not park in the street. It is important to keep roadway dry during this process so please be mindful of sprinkler overspray into the roadway. 

During repairs, the contractor will make every effort to direct and accommodate access to your property. Work will occur Regular Monday through Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. All roads will be open after regular business hours and during the weekends.

Contact Jonathan Rodriguez, AH PW Superintendent, at 210-832-2252 or contact Public Works at 210-882-1518 for questions.