Board of Adjustment

Overview & Duties

  • 5 regular members and 2 alternates; two year term or until reappointed or replaced by action of the Mayor and City Council
  • Generally meets 1st Wednesday of each month, City Council Chambers, 6116 Broadway at 5:30 p.m.
  • Makes required decisions and functions as a quasi-judicial body to review appeals made by building permit applicants who have been denied a building permit by the Director due to new non-conformities with the Zoning Code

Member Information

Bill Orr, Chair                                    Lott Mcllhenny

Jimmy Satel                                      Hall Hammond, Alternate

Wayne Woodard

To view plans being considered by the Board of Adjustment, click here.

Date Agenda Minutes Follow-up PPT Packet
10/4/17 Posted
09/06/17 Posted
08/02/17 Posted Action Taken
07/12/17 Posted Action Taken
06/07/017 Posted Approved Action Taken
05/03/17 Posted
04/05/17 Posted Approved Action Taken
03/01/17 Posted Approved Action Taken
02/01/17 Posted Approved
01/04/17 Posted Approved